Andrews Hamburgers, Albert Park, Melbourne

Where did you go today:

We went to Andrews Hamburgers in Albert Park, Melbourne. This place has a huge reputation for great burgers recently included in the Top 100 Food Experiences in Victoria, has picked up other awards and was even featured on the popular TV series “The Block” in 2013. Hopes were high and we were looking forward to see if it deserved its reputation.

What were your initial impressions:

From the outside it looks like pretty much any other old school takeaway store – except for how busy it was. We arrived at 11am on a Saturday morning and the place was pumping – there were 6 staff behind the counter and they were keeping busy. Among the staff was the owner George Pappas – behind the grill making sure every burger was done just right. My understanding is that he is cooking personally all day, 6 days per week – and that is likely what makes this place great. The store is small and cozy and the walls were covered in photos of George with celebrities who obviously enjoyed his food.

What did you order:

Just a standard hamburger and some chips – but we went back in a few minutes later to order another one with the lot. There wasn’t an extensive menu, with a number of different burgers, chips and a few other typical takeaway store fried food.

How was the burger:

Wow, just wow this was a fantastic burger. It is a good old fashioned Australian style burger that instantly transported me back 20 years to burgers from family BBQs of my youth. The main feature is the fresh, handmade meat patty. The patty isn’t thick but has onion squashed into one side of the patty and is cooked over a super hot grill which gives them a bit of a crust – slightly crunchy with the onions cooked in.

Making it even better, the cheese is melted onto the patty. Despite the super hot grill and crust, it is a very juicy burger. This can’t be easy, cooking it perfectly despite being very busy. The bun is a fairly generic bun and is toasted in a bun toaster with a lettuce and cabbage mix for even more crunch. There is thick, 1cm thick, tomato which has been cooked on the grill, rounded off with some tomato sauce on the top bun.

This is a full size burger and should fill you up. But this was just too damn good – so I went back for another one with the lot. My wife, not a burger affectionado, who usually scorns my burger adventures had a bite of my first burger and decided she needed one too.

Any additional comments:

Take cash because they don’t accept credit card.

Give it to me in one sentence:

An absolutely amazing “Aussie” style burger, fresh and tasty – just go.

Now for the scores:

Store Vibe – 3.5
Service – 3.5
Menu Variety – 3
Burger Quality – 5 ** Current Top Burger **
Time – 10 min
Burger Style – Aussie
Overall – 5
Price – $7.50

144 Bridport St
Albert Park VIC 3206

Tel: (03) 9690 2126


Opening Hours:
Monday: 11:30am – 3:00pm and 4:30pm – 9:00pm
Tuesday – Saturday: 11:00am – 9:00pm
Sunday: Closed

Andrews Hamburgers Outside Store

Andrews Hamburgers Menuboard

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Andrews Hamburgers Burger

Andrews Hamburgers Burger

Andrews Hamburgers Burger with the lot

Andrews Hamburgers Patty

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