20130915-133526.jpg September 07


Marlys Kitchen, Newtown

Where did you go today:
We went to Marlys Kitchen which is part of the Marlbrough Hotel. Ok, first up this isn’t a burger review, because they are not on the menu, but it is worth a post as this place comes up in a lot of places when you search under BBQ / Diner in Sydney.

What were your initial impressions:
Marly’s Kitchen looks nice enough for a pub, quite clean and done up.

What did you order:
We went in an ordered Mommas Chicken Waffles for $8. The person behind the bar warned us (like the people ahead of us) that they were very small when we ordered.

How was the food:
After 10 mins, what arrived was 2 tiny prefabricated waffles that were dry, tasteless and unpleasant with come pretty average fried chicken, some coleslaw and a sauce.

All in all pretty bad for the price. We couldn’t finish it and left quickly. This feels like they trade off of people who have been drinking heavily.

Any additional comments:
Avoid the bathrooms unless you are desperate.

Give it to me in one sentence:
Only if you are pissed and after some average food.

Now for the scores:
Store Vibe – 2
Service – 3
Menu Variety – 2
Burger Quality – not burger but 1
Time 10mins
Burger Style – Not applicable
Overall – 2
Price – $8 for for the waffle


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