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Pearls Diner, Adelaide

I went to Adelaide with my family and tried to go to the legendary Burger Theory food van. Being a Saturday night, the van wasn’t out and about but their physical location Pearl’s Diner was open.

Pearls is located in the middle of suburbia and looks pretty basic. However don’t let the looks deceive you. We arrived at 8pm on a Saturday night (they close at 9pm) and the place was packed. We waited 20 minutes for a table and the wait was worth it. The menu isn’t huge but has enough to keep you interested.

We ordered Chocolate Shakes, which were good but not great. It was basically a thickshake which was just about pure rich chocolate icecream. Nice but for a diner, I had hoped for something more.

We ordered an entrĂ©e of a pulled pork bun and 2 buttermilk fried chicken wings. The wings were deep fried in a crunchy batter and were large. However while they had crunch, they were lacking in flavour. A dipping sauce or 2, would have gone a long way. The coating fell off and overall they were disappointing. They do have buffalo wings, but I didn’t get to try them.

The pork bun was lovely. Not particuarly big but tasted great. The bun was fresh and full of pulled pork in a lovely sauce.

We then tried a #1 Burger and a Cheeseburger. The #1 appears to be the signature Burger Theory burger. It is a small burger but is the best burger I have had. It is a fresh hand made patty which is cooked medium and is juicy, but not noticably seasoned. The burger has lettuce, tomato, american cheese and “truck sauce” which is their own blend. The result is a sweet tasting and delicious burger which reminded me of Huxtaburger in Melbourne (without the mustard). On its own it wouldnt be big enough to fill a really hungry person.

The Cheeseburger was similar but with mustard and pickles. Unfortunately next to the #1 burger it paled in comparison. If you are a fan of mustard style burgers, then this would be great but for us the mustard was to overpowering.

They also do waffles. I gave it a go but by now was so full, I cant do it justice in this review. The waffles are made fresh with a generous helping of icecream and covered in chocolate sauce. It looked great.

Overall a great meal though the #1 burger was the clear star, with the others fine supporting acts. The #1 Burger was so good, it is nearly enough to bring me back all the way to Adelaide.







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