20130929-085306.jpg September 29

Chur Burger, Surry Hills, Sydney

Where did you go today: We went to Chur Burger in Surry Hills, Sydney. The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food rated this as one of the best burgers in Sydney. This place reopened after a fire in March 2013 and claim they now have a “bigger, better, beer filled Chur Burger bar.” What were your […]

20130918-090921.jpg September 28

Andrews Hamburgers, Albert Park, Melbourne

Where did you go today: We went to Andrews Hamburgers in Albert Park, Melbourne. This place has a huge reputation for great burgers recently included in the Top 100 Food Experiences in Victoria, has picked up other awards and was even featured on the popular TV series “The Block” in 2013. Hopes were high and […]

20130921-162419.jpg September 21

Miel Premium Handmade Burgers, Brisbane CBD

Where did you go today: On a beautiful sunny Brisbane Saturday, we took an expanded crew to Miel Premium Homemade Burger in the Brisbane CBD. ┬áMiel is new to Brisbane and is getting a reputation as a cool place for great burgers. ┬áLast week it was listed in Good Food “50 best things for food […]

20130915-154939.jpg September 14

Fish Depot, Goodna

Where did you go today: We went to the Fish Depot in Goodna. I am categorising it as Brisbane, but it is really part of Ipswich. These guys have 9 stores according to their website, from Toowoomba, Ipswich and Brisbane. Our understanding is that these are franchised and therefore can vary somewhat. What were your […]

20130915-125413.jpg September 07

Moo Burger, Newtown

Where did you go today: We went to Moo Burger in Newtown. Moo Burger have 5 locations around Sydney. Self proclaimed “Great burgers, amazing shakes, and addictive chips” – we went to find out. What were your initial impressions: A nice place. The tables were rustic and the walls could do with a clean/paint but […]

20130915-125112.jpg September 07

Burgerfuel, Newtown

Where did you go today: We headed off to Burger Fuel in Newtown to see what this NZ chain is about. What were your initial impressions? It was much more like McDonalds than I thought, looking to be a grungier, cooler version but still aimed very much at fast food rather than boutique burger. The […]

20130915-133526.jpg September 07

Marlys Kitchen, Newtown

Where did you go today: We went to Marlys Kitchen which is part of the Marlbrough Hotel. Ok, first up this isn’t a burger review, because they are not on the menu, but it is worth a post as this place comes up in a lot of places when you search under BBQ / Diner […]


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